19 Tips for Increasing your Company Page Followers on LinkedIn.

One of the most efficient strategies for leveraging LinkedIn for your benefit is to build your community on the platform. That is why your LinkedIn strategy must include ways to grow following for your LinkedIn Page . A decent following expands your organic reach and increases your audience insight. But how can you achieve the objective of increasing your company page followers base on Linkedin?

We have outlined 18 ideas that can help both new and experienced LinkedIn users grow their Linkedin Company Page. These ideas are also useful for brands that want to get more value from their company page on LinkedIn.

How to increase your followers on LinkedIn.

Before we start discussing the tips, you need to do your homework. Do you know that pages with detailed information attract 30% more views? Make sure your company page on LinkedIn is properly set up, and your audience should find it engaging. After that, you should focus on posting valuable content for your audience. Your readers will likely click on the follow button if they find the posts on your page educational, engaging, useful or valuable for them in any other way.

Once your page is ready and completely optimized for your target audience, you can start implementing the strategies below to increase your followers сount.

Tips for Beginners

  1. SEO your LinkedIn Page.

You can get more exposure when your LinkedIn page is optimized to run in Google Search.  The guide in the following article will help you increase your exposure on google.  How to optimize your LinkedIn Page for search.

2. Put your employees to the task

You need the help of other LinkedIn users to grow your page following. Why not put the employees of your company to the task? After all, the progress of the company benefits everyone. Encourage them to spread the word to their friends and LinkedIn connections who might be interested in the company’s activities. They should add the page link as a workplace in their profiles and tag the company page in posts. The LinkedIn activities of your staff can give your page a significant boost in followership.

Also, be sure your employees are properly mapped to your Page (by citing it accurately in their Work Experience), because every time your employee makes a new connection on LinkedIn, the new connection will be prompted to follow your Page. 

3. Add the follow button to your website.

Social media links are a norm for websites these days. Rather than simply adding a link to your LinkedIn page, why not add a follow button to your company’s website?  You can even spice it up with a call to action like, “Follow us to get access to other valuable posts from our LinkedIn page.”

4. Use Your email signature

This tip only requires that you take a one-time action. Edit your email signature to include the link to your LinkedIn page and encourage the reader to follow. After setting the signature link, all your email recipients will see the message. Chances are that some will click through and follow your page.

5. Create a link on your personal profile.

Adding a link to your personal profile is an efficient means of directing other LinkedIn members to your company page. Simply create a link to the LinkedIn page in the entry that asks for your “website URL”. The staff of your company should add it to their personal profile too. This act may provide a significant exposure boosy to your connections and those of your staff as well.

6. Write articles on your page consistently.

Do not allow your page to be dormant. Make sure you post valuable articles consistently. The articles will show in the feed of members and increase the organic reach of your page. It is recommended to create posts on your company page daily. See the Content Suggestions for ideas on creating posts.

7. Engage in conversations using hashtags

Hashtags are effective for expanding the reach of your content to relevant members and communities. Your Community Hashtag panel is a valuable resource for creating feeds and engaging with other content from your company’s perspective.  This approach gives your company page additional exposure.

8. Get help from customers and brand promoters.

You can approach your loyal customers and connections that love your brand to help you get the word about your page out. Tell them to give you a helping hand to increase your LinkedIn following. To make things easier, you can simply ask them to reshare your posts to their connection.

9. Use Insight from your page analytics to improve your content.

As a page admin, you have access to useful analytics about your followers, visitors and how they engage with your content. This data gives you an excellent idea regarding the content that resonates with your audience. Leverage it to create more relevant posts.

10. Mention other companies and influencers that you respect.

Why not leverage the network of companies and influencers in your industry that you admire? You can simply mention them in your post – use “@ symbol” before the name to tag them. This single action gives you a chance to reach their networks and followers with your posts. If you are modest about this, they might even reshare your post enabling even larger outreach into their networks.

11. Use videos and other visual content.

Use visual content in your posts because it leads to more engagement from your audience. Add relevant pictures, infographics, and videos. Visual content stands out in the feed and catches more attention of your audience. That is why they attract more engagement. So, do not hesitate to post videos, images, inforgraphics, visual pdf reports etc.

Advanced Tips: How to Get More Followers on LinkedIn

Once you’ve established a core following on the platform, it’s time to grow. These advanced tips for how to get more followers on your LinkedIn Page will help your business expand and solidify its LinkedIn community.

12. Create an Ad Campaign to increase following

Many brands engage in LinkedIn ad campaigns to increase their following. Your brand can do the same.  You can create the follower ad format for your Dynamic Ad campaign. The highly effective targeting feature of LinkedIn can help you gain additional followers on your page. 

13. Start an employee advocacy program.

You can take your employee engagement on LinkedIn to another level by formalizing the structure. A tool such as LinkedIn Elevate can be a valuable resource encouraging employees to share your page’s content which will obviosuly increases your page engagement.

14. Ask help from executives and influencers to @mention your page.

The leaders of your business can be the voice that increases the exposure of your brand. Most of them have large networks. So, get them to talk about your brand by @mentioning your page in their posts.

15. Encourage your followers to engage with your posts.

Engagement with posts on your page through comments and other reactions increases its reach to a wider audience. Ask for the opinion of your audience after every post, it is an efficient way of encouraging them to engage with your posts. Sometimes comments alone can make your posts go viral.

16. Evaluate your competitor’s page

Do you remember carrying out competitor analysis while creating your business plan? Well, it is still valuable while trying to grow your LinkedIn network.  Review your competitor’s page and borrow some of their best practices. Also, take note of their shortcomings and leverage it to make your own page unique and superior.

17. Reply to comments on your page posts

It is highly advisable to reply to worthwhile comments on your page posts. It gives more exposure to your feeds, and other members might be inspired to join the conversation. Moreover, the pages that actively engages its community gets more following than passive ones.

18. Share job postings on your Page

LinkedIn is, of course, a very popular destination for job-hunting. Leveraging your Page for talent acquisition as well as marketing can open it up to new audiences.

19. Create Showcase Pages

Showcase pages the LinkedIn pages designed as an extension of the main LinkedIn page of the company. It can focus on a sub-brand, an initiative, or a product. These pages amplify your LinkedIn presence, creating multiple channels for discovering your brand. Be modest in this approach, too many showcase pages can weaken the influence of your main page.

There are lots of opportunities for company pages that have extensive follower bases. These tips are useful for admins of new company pages and those that are more established as well. So, start applying these strategies today to increase your followers now and in the future.

And what are your experiences & best practivces with creating & growing Company Pages on LInkedin? PLease share in the comments.

Reach out to us via Linkedin (Kate Krasnova & Michael Shlayen) or schedule a call to get your Linkedin Profile or Company Page reviewed by our experts for free. Need a hand expanding your brand? We are always here to help. Have a nice day! 🙂

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