7 Deadly LinkedIn Mistakes to avoid

LinkedIn has long established itself as the social hub for professional activities, a perfect place that allows to connect to individuals for business and networking. It is the fastest growing platform that allows you to promote yourself and your business to millions. While millions find it an essential element for their brand & career growth, still many are skeptical about its effectiveness.

To be honest, sometimes these doubts may come true every time the results are not as pleasant as it seems to be. You think your career might take a 360-degree turn by just joining it and connecting to a bunch of people, it is not always the case, fellas, especially when you are not using it correctly. Here we have listed down some of the mistakes that would affect your LinkedIn reputation and keep you from achieving the results you are looking for.

  1. Unnecessarily Intruding.

Sending the same message to everyone wondering why you are not getting enough responses. The reason is quite simple you are plain spamming their inboxes and honestly, it never works, because why anyone would want to connect with someone that has nothing to do with them. For them it is completely useless.    

This is one of the most bizarre tactics to build a connection. Never do it. Create this ‘I will not spam’ your ultimate mantra and trust me this will take you a long way. Believe me, it will not do any good to you, people would just ignore it or you know have a good laugh thinking, human, why you do this to me or most importantly yourself.

2. Expectations too high

If you think that, everyone at LinkedIn would help you to ease your queries you are wrong it does not work this way. You might find some people that would gladly help you but this number quickly reduces when you think that they owe you their time. Build a proper and formal relationship. Do not start ranting. Ask something that they would happily enjoy responding to.

3. Shoving your brands.

Benjamin Harrison the founder of Smart Pitch focused on the term “nonconsensual submission” by this he meant that everyone wants to promote their products and services but shoving your brand on someone without their consent does nothing besides annoying. Instead, develop your LinkedIn connections through consensual submission. Make a plan that will intrigue people rather than annoy them. Do not rush into things and appear desperate to achieve something quickly. Give time because strong relationships take time to build.

4. Trolling.

Commenting on each other’s posts is part of a LinkedIn activity, but using their posts as a tool to advertise yourself is the worst strategy ever. This will make you appear extremely desperate. Hardly anything will ever come out of it.

People would hardly even build a connection and do business with someone who is rude and self-obsessed. Appear respectful and affable. Be careful about your statements. There is nothing wrong with stating your point of view but do it in a respectful way.

5. Don’t be needy.

Don’t act as if you are the one in need, act confident instead. It is sometimes really annoying when people approach you the second you accept their connection request. Be respectful. Give people space and time. This will help you build a strong connection in the future.

6. Don’t get too personal. 

Getting personal on LinkedIn can be ok in small doses, but don’t overdo it. After all this is a professional network. When you ask personal questions or even too many questions it would make you look clingy. Try making small and professional conversations. LinkedIn is a tool for professional branding. the more professional you appear, the more authentic your will look on Linkedin. There are plenty of other social platforms to share your political preferences, holidays photos and lunch choices.

7. Typos.

The cool messaging style and grammar does not work on LinkedIn since it is a professional platform, so make sure to check your grammar and spelling beforehand.

LinkedIn is an excellent place to discover and connect to potential new opportunities for you & your business, but only if you go the right way about it. If you keep making these mistakes, your LinkedIn effort will amount to nothing.

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