LInkedin invite to follow feature is back

LinkedIn Reintroduces the Invite Feature for Company Page Admins

LinkedIn Page admins will soon be able to send invitations to their connections to follow their corporate page. Reports credited to Matt Navarra, the social media expert, affirmed that this feature will be available to all company pages soon.  Although this feature is not new to LinkedIn altogether, it was previously disabled due to widespread misuse. It resurfaced briefly in May but was withdrawn again.

We do have a mixed feeling about the reintroduction of the page invite feature.  For one, it’s useful for corporate organizations that need to grow their followership on LinkedIn. However, we cannot help but wonder if it will eventually become a doorway to LinkedIn spamming again.

LinkedIn outlined new prerequisites for using Page invites when it was rolled out the feature in May. The qualifiers which are aimed at curbing potential misuse of the invite function includes the following:

  • Restricts the bulk invitation option to admins with less than 500 connections. Others will have to select people to invite manually.
  • The option is disabled for Page admins with less than three connections.
  • The option is only available to company pages with less than 100,000 followers.
  • Company Pages can only send one Invite to a specific LinkedIn user.

It is reported that the next Page invite feature rollout will restrict admins to sending only 50 invites per session.

These restrictions go a long way in curtailing the excesses of page admins that flood their connections with recurrent invites. The fact that LinkedIn users can now use a Network setting option to opt-out of receiving invitations from company pages is a welcome development.

No official announcement has been made regarding the reactivation of the company page invite feature.  Perhaps the function will be reintroduced silently to keep notorious spammers at bay.  Apparently, LinkedIn has done an excellent job of checkmating savvy Page admins that would have abused the Page invite feature.  Thank goodness, we can now focus on the brighter side.

The Page invitation feature is a valuable tool for increasing the audience of your corporate page on LinkedIn. So, your company should take advantage of this feature without going to the extreme of spamming. It is best to use a systematic approach by inviting only professionals that can derive value from your company page.

With adequate restriction in place, the feature will add value to the entire LinkedIn community.

Update 24.12: It seems that feature has been disabled once again. Any ideas what’s going on?

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