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New Update May Bring LinkedIn Groups Back to the Limelight Again

LinkedIn Groups used to be a valuable function of LinkedIn. However, groups became riddled with spammy posts and self-promotions, till their value gradually declined.  However, if LinkedIn group is redesigned to serve its purpose, it could be one of the most useful features in the platform.

The task of reviving the group feature should focus on improving in-app engagement. That way, groups can become a valuable resource in LinkedIn again.

LinkedIn took the step in the right direction when the platform recently announced feature updates to groups. Some of the new features are designed to improve engagements. Here are the details:

  1. Post Moderation: Group Admins now have the option to hold new posts for review before they go live. This feature is overdue; after all, almost all online forums have the moderation feature. One can only wonder why it took LinkedIn so long to implement this feature.
  2. Additional Invitation Settings: Group admins can now control how group members invite connections to a group. In essence, the admin now has more control over who joins a group.
  3. More Filter Options: Group admins now have access to additional features for locating members. They can now search members with filters such as Location, Company, Industry, and many more.
  4. Advanced Controls: This new feature allows the admin to block a member and delete all posts from any member.
  5. Block Member from Comment Section: The admin can block an offending member directly from the comment section of the post. This feature makes it easy to penalize spammers.
  6. Content Discovery:  A new search feature allows members of groups to search for content from posts and comments based on keywords.
  7. Share Groups: Users can now share information about groups through private messages, and LinkedIn feeds.
  8. Admin Recommendations: Admins can recommend specific posts in the group, making it easy for group members to locate such posts.
  9. Group Notifications: The group notification has been updated to make it easy for group members to receive relevant posts updates in a group.

Although none of these features brings a radical change to the platform, they are useful for enhancing the functions of groups and curtailing misuse by members. Admins should take the time to leverage these features to make their groups more productive and immune to abuse. There is hope that LinkedIn groups will regain its eroded significance in the platform.

In spite of LinkedIn’s frantic efforts to revive groups, the impacts of those changes have not been impressive so far. However, the new admin controls might be the missing link to bringing groups back to its lost glory.

There is still a long way to go, but LinkedIn has taken a leap in the right direction. The LinkedIn group may soon become a central feature in the social media network for professionals.

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