Social Media Marketing: 5 key elements for success

Do you want to elevate your social media marketing in 2020? Then you should pay close attention to this guide from LinkedIn, the leading professional social media platform in the world today.  The 5-steps guide was extracted from the LinkedIn podcast, “Live with Marketers.”

The podcast features interviews with various social media marketing experts. The theme of discussion varies extensively, from guests telling their brand stories, to explaining various social media performance metrics.  The podcast is a valuable social media marketing resource, you should add it to your podcast rotation. The previous episodes are available through this link.

Taking inference from the podcast, LinkedIn streamlined five social media checklists as follows:

1. Define the purpose of your brand

Review your company vision, mission, and objectives. Is your social media presence supporting those values?

2. Create a uniform brand identity across all social media platforms

Define your brand tone and values; let it be consistent across all your social media channels.

3. Be consistent with your posts.

Make sure you are consistent with your posts. Create at least one post every day across all your social media platforms.

4. Focus on creating value. 

Make sure your posts are adding value to your target audience on each social media platform.

5. Measure and Optimize.

You need to identify the KPIs that are crucial to your social media objectives. Use these metrics as a standard for performance appraisal and continuous improvement.

You might be thinking, “these five steps are too simple compared to volumes of books on social media marketing written by experts!”

You are right in some sense because each of the steps listed above is more like a topic on its own. There are strategies you need to use while implementing each step to achieve the desired results.  However, this outline is an excellent general guide. Elements such a defining your goals on social media, finding how to bring value to users of the platform,  and creating KPI’s that are unique to your business are critical to your success in the social media.

This outline will help you define your social marketing goals in 2020 and also create a roadmap for achieving them. It’s a useful resource for planning your social media marketing strategy in 2020.

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